Robot Influenced Rants
So I rant. It happens. Discourse is welcome, but not if you're going to be close minded. I can't promise I'll respond to comments right away, but I'll get around to it eventually.

All of the photos and images posted here are mine (unless noted otherwise). Credit me AND let me know if you use any of them, but don't claim any of it as yours because stealing is bad. Really bad. Contrarily, all songs are the intellectual property of the respective creators and copywrite owners, not mine. Enjoy.

Iceland on Film.

I need to start processing my own film, as there are streaks in these and it kinda pisses me off. 

Nikon F100 and Kodak Gold 200

Gullfoss, Iceland. Yea, it’s prettier than Niagra Falls. Sorry I’m not sorry Niagra Falls.

Day 3 Journal: “Our guide today spoke of how the early settlers of Iceland would often make trips back to Europe for supplies. He spoke of how they would always stop to court women and try to bring them back. He then went on to say that this is no longer practiced, and considered kidnapping.” Silly Vikings. 

These shots were not taken one after the other (you can see the lighting differences and clouds change in the different shots), but I tried to show how a geyser erupts and I haven’t downloaded GoPro footage yet. These things erupt pretty quickly, which is why I shot a few eruptions and put the stages of it together. They are surprisingly difficult to predict and shoot, even if you hold down the shutter. Hoping the GoPro footage is good.

\\EDIT/// I forgot to mention: In one of these shots, the wind shifted and I got doused with steaming hot water. It was a chilly day, so it was kinda pleasant until the water cooled… then it was just cold and the misery set in.

A short thought from Iceland [Day 4]:

I am eating lunch. At the table in front of me is an elderly woman, using a small tablet to look at photos she’s taken of herself in different locales in Iceland (all selfies). In every photo, she appears to be wearing the same scarf and sunglasses and is not smiling. She looks fairly grim actually… I just realized my mom is right and that I need to smile more in photos.

Time lapse- leaving IAD.

A sneak peek of the photos I snapped in Iceland, and I did some dangerous things to get some of them (looking back at my trip, I am often an idiot in pursuit of a good photo).

These are mainly straight out of the camera, excepting some minor adjustments for straightening or cropping. I am still blown away by how beautiful this country is, how genuinely nice the people are and how a trip alone through a random country netted me random friends while doing random things… probably the highlight of the trip really. 

I plan on going back, and am genuinely excited about the prospect of it. I also have a ton of photos to go through and will be posting a few at a time in a more coherent manner (read, ponies with ponies, geyser with geyser, waterfalls with waterfalls, etc) along with some go pro footage. We shall see.

All shots above taken with the delightfully tough and suprisingly water resistant Nikon D700 and Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G